Thursday, 25 November 2010

My obsession with the 80's classic Labyrinth

Okay well this has nothing to do with college at all, however, it was the first thing i put up here when we were asked to set our blogs up. i'm going to keep it here, coz i still love Labyrinth and i see no harm in having David Bowie on here, he may even bring me a bit of luck :)

Well for a start, the characters in Labyrinth are designed by Brian Froud who lives in the southwest and creates beautiful illustrations of Faeries and goblins, he has done a number of books, and first became popular in the 1980's with his book titled simply 'Faeries' which also had contributions from Alan Lee, an artist who is known for illustrating a number of tolkien's lord of the rings books.

As well as acting in the film David Bowie also did the majority of the soundtrack alongside the composer Trevor Jones, who also composed the music for 'Dark Crystal'

I find that i appreciate the characters and set design more than the actual story itself, the main character Sarah who is played by Jennifer Connelly is an innocent young girl who is forever stuck at home looking after her younger brother Toby (played by Toby Froud) and tormented by her stepmother.

She wishes and wishes for the goblin king to come and take her baby brother away, but when her wish comes true she finds that she cant stand by and let him become a goblin baby.

Labyrinth has a great moral to it which is simply 'be careful what you wish for'

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